My ideas, dreams and aspirations running a small business

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My dreams and aspirations

When starting my business I got excited with ideas. My dreams and aspirations were exploding daily as it is an amazing feeling to take the plunge into small business ownership. These exciting times also came with many concerns, worries and anxieties, as starting out was a time of the great unknown.

After starting my business I can say my dreams and aspirations changed slightly as I began to realise the reality of being a business owner. I learn so much on the job, so I do not see this as a negative. I actually think it’s a huge positive as I discover what is possible and what is not. I soon realised what abilities I have and where I sometimes need help. I know I am only human. I am a mother first and foremost but I also know I must provide for my family, so my best is always enough in all I do. I cannot dwell on the could haves or maybes, instead I focus on the now, being present and trying my absolute hardest.

My dreams and aspirations are to be able to balance work and life correctly, whilst pleasing my customers and making an income that suffices bills and life. Money is not everything but making a profit in any business is the end goal and certainly eases the stresses and strains of paying bills and keeping your head above water.

How to be successful in your dreams and aspirations

Success of dreams and aspirations is a individual thing – it’s how you visualise success, whether it be making a fortune, just maintaining normal life, winning a award, getting repeat custom or clearing some debt. Do not base your success on others, this is your own target and mindset. If you allow others to dictate your success you will forever be fighting for approval and that’s no way to start or continue in business. 

My advice to anyone starting out is to not forget the planning, know your market whilst feeding your dreams with focus and motivation. Commit yourself 100% and know your goals. Anything is doable, you can achieve anything you want but being realistic is super important as we all have other commitments and things that come up. By being realistic you also decrease pressure that you put upon yourself.

Dreams and aspirations are the want to do well, the want to succeed and be your best. Those dreams you first thought up about business will change and divert because that’s life. Different moments create new opportunities or they help you see a better path. Go with the flow but obviously plan ahead and have goals whilst you are prepared for change. Be prepared to focus on new areas that come your way. Life is important and being you is the most important. Others may not share your dreams, but those who matter will believe in yours, even if they do not vision things the same. Take risks but be careful, follow your wants but weigh up the pros and con’s. Always believe in yourself because if anyone can make your business succeed it’s the dreamer who came up with the idea. 

Dream big, focus and most importantly – enjoy!

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This post was written by Zainub, mother and owner of Silver Memories – a hand crafted, personalised jewellery business. Feel free to browse this site to see some of the products Zainub has on offer.

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