Juggling motherhood and running a successful business

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Running your own business can be stressful and extremely hard work at the best of times but, throw into the mix motherhood, then you have an even bigger challenge on your hands. Being a business owner is incredible and I love what I do with Silver Memories. I adore being a mum so I am happy with all my life choices but I have found you need to be extremely organised and find a balance that works for you. There is no point in sugar coating it – at times it is very hard and that balance can wobble and go out of sync at times. Despite this it is so rewarding knowing that you are conquering two amazing parts of life by yourself.

What I have learnt

What I have learnt throughout my journey as a business owner and mother is that you will never have all the answers. You will not know how to make your child sleep through the night. You will not know all the best ways to advertise your business. However, that’s OK! It’s OK to not know everything and accept many things have to be learnt on the job in both life and business. The moment you realise you are still learning and cannot figure out everything is the moment you stress a little less. Remember you are human and we cannot know and do everything. Just doing your best is the most perfect thing you can aim for.

During life as a mother, whilst running my own business, I know the importance of celebrating even the small wins. Achieving your list for the day, sending out some social media posts that have been drafted for days, having time with children for half an hour in the garden or getting orders out to customers on time may seem like small things, but everything you do in a day is a win. It is  you focusing on parenthood and your business. Reminding yourself how well you are doing is important for the mind as it is easy to lose sight of this or only focus on really big achievements. Every day you do something for your business or home is a big win. Never underestimate anything.

Find balance and make lists

Finding balance is the key to a successful business and keeping family life in order so I make sure I keep a list of everything, from what needs to be done for the business to what needs to be done at home. This may be appointments, shopping or even down time. Balance thrives on organisation, so make lists, set reminders and even plan your meals ahead. Trust me, when you have it all in front of you, in black and white, it makes life so much easier and it helps you to juggle two important aspects of life. So make lists and look at them daily!

Ask for help

This is something we all find difficult sometimes. Either we do not want to admit we cannot cope, or it’s hard handing over responsibility. Asking for help is important to your success and sanity because you are a parent foremost and you are trying to run a business for the better of your family. You already have earned every award out there but you are still human, we all get tired, we all get stressed and help is so amazing. Asking for someone to have the kids for an hour or handing over some business responsibility is good and if it helps you ease some pressure then its incredible. People who push through their struggles will burn themselves out which, in the end, can create more stress. Before that hill gets too steep – ask for help!


Persistence is something that is needed not only in business but with being a parent. We do not get handed an instruction book for either, so its about doing your best and trying hard. Even when things seem their worst – if you feel your business will never take off or your toddler will never sleep again – trust me things can change if you persist. Remember Rome was not built in a day! Nothing happens overnight, some days will be a true struggle whilst others will be truly inspirational. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, one thing you have to do is persist. All your efforts will see your struggles improve, you must see the end goal not just the present one. Changing my mindset to think this way has made my work and life balance so much more positive. I have a clearer head which means I work better and life is brighter.

Be present

By being present I mean, whatever you’re doing, focus on that and be present in that moment. If you are working, focus on work and if you are with your child, be Mummy or Daddy. Be present in that moment with your children, forget work for now and enjoy the memories you’re building with your family. Children are not small for long and life is about moments and memories, so do not be distracted by work during family time. Make the most of those times with your children and remember your work will still be there tomorrow. Silver Memories is all about memories and moments, so we live by this rule. Being present is important.

The reality is that juggling motherhood and a business has it challenges. I will never say it’s easy, as that would be untruthful. It can be messy, stressful, hysterical, beautiful, scream in to a pillow and rewarding, all rolled up in one crazy bundle. However it is worth it, it’s worth the hard work and it has opened up my life in ways which are hard to quantify or qualify into words.

Be focused, be organised, be present and persist. These are the most important aspects to juggling a work, life balance.

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This post was written by Zainub, mother and owner of Silver Memories – a hand crafted, personalised jewellery business. Feel free to browse this site to see some of the products Zainub has on offer.

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