Full Size Handprint Engraved


Life size hand or foot print in a frame


Life size hand or footprint engraved on stainless steel material framed in a beautiful wooden frame with an engraved plaque. This is absolutely a lovely gift for parents and family to treasure. You able to treasure the exact foot or hand print size. The maximum size is 10cm by 10cm per print. We will send you the impression kit with instruction on how to take the print and information on how to return the prints to us. You will receive your product within 7 days of us receiving your prints in the frame colour of your choice.We will require the actual prints as this is a life size product. This can be a bespoke product and we are happy to work with you. Please add any additional information in the comments box so we can make sure your item is precisely as you would like it or email information to prints@silvermemories.co.uk with your full name and order number


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