Hyperemesis Gravidarum and it’s impact on daily life

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What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

I know this subject very well as it was a condition I faced when pregnant with my last born. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a condition of severe sickness in pregnancy. On average only effects 1% of women. It is very rare but if you are unfortunate enough to have been effected by it, it is truly debilitating.

This terrible and exhausting condition means you struggle to keep any foods, fluid of medication down. This means you could suffer quickly with dehydration and weight loss. In pregnancy this can be very dangerous, as well as draining, for the Mummy to be and for all those that surround her. Kate Middleton was hospitalised when she suffered with this same condition which shows how severe it can be. Often you have no option than to get bed rest and be looked after by medical professionals.

 How Hyperemesis Gravidarum affected me?

I personally suffered with this and also had to spend time in hospital. I had to attend many appointments, whilst trying to run a business, look after my family and get through pregnancy. It was a tremendous struggle and one I do not wish upon anyone.

You always know in pregnancy you will be hit with nausea and vomiting at some point and this is the case for 70-80% of pregnant women, but HG takes you to a whole new level of worry and concern. The run of the mill pregnancy symptoms seem a breeze until you’re hit with HG. I am not saying that what other people suffer is not bad because I know all too well that it is, but HG has a huge impact on life and business, with the added worry of your unborn child as you have concerns about how it is affecting them.

I found this time in my pregnancy  journey very hard to bare and it caused great worries within my personal life. Looking after my family and my business was difficult. I could barely focus on the normal task of making breakfast, let alone run a business like I normally did. It really had a massive impact on everything and everyone.

Pregnancy is a worrying time anyway. Anyone who says it is not is sugar coating it because it pregnancy comes with worries. You are the sole carer and protector of your unborn baby, so when you have a severe condition that knocks you down, it can really increase anxiety and worries. On top of this, you are trying to maintain normality, which in all honesty takes a lot from you, and you have to dig very deep to fund the strength to carry on daily. 

What are the main symptoms of Hyperemesis?

The main symptoms of Hyperemesis that I faced during my last pregnancy were nausea, extreme frequent vomiting, enhanced sense of smell and taste, food and/or fluid intolerance and lethargy. Trust me, this was like nothing I had felt before. These symptoms can then lead to dehydration, weight loss, Ketonuria, Anemia and Tachycardia (a heart issue), all of which are awful on their own and whilst you face normal pregnancy complaints.

What can you do if you think you may have Hyperemesis?

If you begin having any of the above symptoms, or just feel something is not right, always trust your gut instinct and seek advice from medical professionals. Never feel like you are being a pest or over-worrying. In my opinion over-worrying is always better than pushing your concerns to the side. With Hyperemesis there are things that can help, so seeking medical help quickly can save you facing such draining times. 

I learnt through this time what really matters in life and that I cannot control everything. Plus leaning on others is a must as you need plenty of help, assistance and support. 

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